Excellent Black Desk With Storage Shelves

Black computer desk is the most sought-after color of gaming computer users.

This table is suitable for use in a small place, you can even put on the corner of your home room.

Excellent Black Desk With Storage Shelves

black desk storage

You can see, the monitor is pinned to the wall and this is an effective way.

More concise, and fun.

Desk for Aquarium 20 and 29 Gallon Tank

If you going to be upgrading from current 20 gallon long tank to a new 29 gallon tank. Do you think this desk that the current 20gal is on would hold the 29gal tank?

desk for aquarium

Yes. Some people will actually stand in the middle on top so they can test the structural integrity of the table.

But, don’t do such a small upgrade, you’ll end up buying a bunch of tanks till you get your end game tank, save up for the tank size you want and just buy it instead moving up a single tank size at a time.

Keep your tank centered, as to evenly distribute the load. An uneven load on the desk means torque, torque will eventually cause a structural failure.

Also, please mount your surge protector in the wall next to your outlet. It might save your life!

A desk can totally hold 29gal or more. Desks carry volumes of books for years and can support persons standing on them to change a light bulb. Plus that desk looks older therefore likely better sturdier quality.

Cabinet Looks Like Multi-colored Painted Pallets

“Well she is finally done after about 50 paint coat. I finally finished her today this is the piece I didn’t like cause I thought the gold looked dirty but with little more paint sweat and tears she is done and I love it” – Angela

Amazing cabinet classic
Old Cabinet
very old pallet
very old pallet
classic pallet cabinet
The depth and dimension is wow
inside the cabinet walnut
Getting in there and measuring must have been a challenge
finishing with the paint
Genius! I have a good eye, but I don’t think that I would have seen this one for what it could be…..super fine work!

Looks awesome! I love all of it, especially how the back of the cabinet looks like multi-colored painted pallets.

That is peel and stick wall paper from Walmart.

American Flag Classic Table

American Wall Table is a wall table with a minimalist shape and a picture of a beautiful and attractive American flag. Suitable for your modern style home.

american flag wall table
american flag wall table

American Wall Table Made Of Choice Material Materials

The wall table has many useful functions for you. You can make it as a dressing table, a place for home decoration, or you can also make it as a phone table. For
Dressing table, you can put it in your bedroom and equip it with the appropriate hanging mirror frame so that makes the dressing table in your bedroom has an attractive appearance and

classic american table
classic american table

You can also place it in the corner of your house and put the ornate decoration of the house on top of it so the room looks beautiful and attractive. Or you can make it a phone table
Beautiful with complete comfortable seats. The wall table should also have an attractive look.

For those of you who have a modern concept for your home, we offer a wall table with a picture of a cool American flag.

Made from selected ingredients make this product not only look attractive but also strong and sturdy. Immediately complete your home with this cool wall table, American Wall Table.

American Flag Dining Table

American dining table flag
American dining table flag

Office Desk space for 3 PC workstations with overhead shelves

This is large office desk space for 3 PC workstations with overhead shelves and cupboards, space for desk printers etc.
Very strong. Nice four drawer pedestal.

large office desk cupboard

Size dimension: 2.6 l x 1.8 h x 0.9 w.

It is a custom made solid unit and does not dismantle.

Flat Desk or Working Table

cover by plastic office working table

recommended buy table white for office

white flat desk working table

Stirling Medical & Scientific supply a range of professional Office Desking Systems.

office desk supplier

The height adjustable desks are perfect to change up your next sales meeting.

The height adjustable modern style

Basement Home Rack Sena

The Rack Sena Basement Home is modern, attractive and avant-garde for all your spaces. It has a very combinable color, so you can install it in your living room, in a living room, in your bedroom or in the children’s playroom. And it was made with high-quality materials, so it resists the use and weight of your equipment without problem.

Features: Sena Basement Home Rack

basement rack
Sena Basement Home Rack

One of its great attractions is the combination of colors that it has in its different shelves, since it manages to perfectly match the walnut, with the sand and the white, to enrich to the maximum your spaces. Its straight lines in structure and shelves give it a modern and sober style. And its internal design is extremely functional so you can keep all your equipment orderly.

Its top shelf has been created to hold a flat screen TV up to 39 inches. In addition, it has two large open spaces and two closed with doors, in which you can store the stereo and various accessories of your television. And to make cleaning more comfortable and easy, this rack has 6 wheels.


Brand: Basement Home
Structure material: wood
Color: walnut / sand
Number of doors: 2
Number of drawers: 1
Capacity for TV: 39 ”
Includes wheels: yes
Requires armed: yes

Height: 65 cm
Length: 120 cm
Depth: 36 cm
Diagonal Depth: 125.28 cm

3 months
Furniture Arming Service

Prevent your furniture from being damaged; Let an expert set them up for you. Therefore, we have an Arming Service, which you can access in this way:

1) When you buy your piece of furniture, add it to your shopping bag.
2) You will receive at your address a box sealed with the furniture disarmed.
3) You must request the assembly, by calling 6003805000, option 3, from Monday to Friday between 09:00 and 19:30 hours.
4) Falabella will coordinate a visit within a maximum period of 48 working hours in Santiago and 72 hours in regions. Visiting hours are from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 19:00 and Saturdays from 09:00 to 14:00 hours.
Standard Armoring Service includes

Review and check the product at the address or place where the customer wants to arm.
Assembly and assembly of furniture (doors, drawers, etc.).
Confirmation of correct functioning of the cabinet (test of operation).
The Furniture Arrangement Service excludes

Products, offices, modification of furniture, works of electricity, water and / gas, movement of furniture, removal of debris.

For optimum service you should consider

The product must be sealed in its original box for the technician’s review.
The furniture must be located in the place of assembly and there must be enough space for proper assembly.
Avoid the presence of children while performing the assembly.
Furniture Arrangement Coverage

Attributes – Details
Model Sign
Kind Racks
High 65 cm
Long 120 cm
Depth 36 cm
Diagonal Depth 125.28 cm
Finish Painted
Material of the structure Wood
Color Walnut
Number of doors 2
Number of drawers 1
TV Capability 39 “

Stylish wood office desk with two drawers

Wood office desk is not a wrong choice for your office. But, you need to selective to get stylish design and able at least with two drawers.

Here the samples:

Soges wood office desk with two drawers

Soges is devoted to offer the product of high quality and the best service to every customer. In the past 10 years, we have concentrated on the development of furniture with steel and wood and the expansion of product types. They have 50 conveyor belts in stock and have independent design. They manufacture traditional and modern furniture. And product exported to Europe, North America , Central America, South America, Japan and China.

wood office desk and monitor pc
wood office desk and monitor pc

Desks-Size: B120 * T56 * H75cm, Weight: 26.30kg, Max.loading capacity 400kg.
The table top of composite material with black willow is environmentally friendly, smooth, waterproof, scratch-resistant and easy to clean.

Soges Desks 120x56cm computer table PC table office table work table wood with drawers, black 858DBK
Soges Desks 120x56cm computer table PC table office table work table wood with drawers, black 858DBK

The table legs made of durable powder-coated steel frames are of a stable construction.

Encasa oak optic design console

The wide table top allows for a spacious workspace and a pleasant distance to the (11-15 inch) monitor or other system. The drawer provides space for keyboard, books, stationery, etc.
Easy assembly, the guide and the component offered. Multifunction: The table is suitable as a computer table, desk, office table, conference table, etc.

wood office desk lecce
wood office desk lecce
wood office desk two drawers
wood office desk two drawers

Ts-ideas design console table MDF wood optic and metal

This stylish design desk combines an MDF body in dark wood optics with a metal frame as a foot element. The extremely straightforward, tidy shape fits easily into your living environment.

side metal wooden desk computer
side metal wooden desk computer

Whether in the living room or office, but also in the office or youth room makes this desk a valuable impression.

The reduced functionality is easily combined with other pieces of furniture.

Design writing desk with metal frame, storage compartment and drawer
Overall dimensions: about 75 cm x 100 cm x 50 cm (height x width x depth)
Open compartment: 12 cm x 43.5 cm x 48.5 cm (H x W x D)
Drawer: about 7 cm x 37 cm x 39 cm (H x W x D)
Weight approx. 17.6 kg · Decoration is not included

HomeTrends4You Desk

Timelessly elegant: the desk Prizzi inspires with its puristic design. Made of solid wild oak, the table is not only an optical eye-catcher, but also convinces with high stability and natural robustness. Two drawers with Softclose offer practical but unobtrusive storage space. In addition, the desk Prizzi has an attachment, which can be used as a storage tray.

Classic wood office desk with two drawers
Classic wood office desk with two drawers

Product dimensions:
width 110 cm, height 96 cm, depth 55 cm

drawer on the wood desk
drawer on the wood desk

Made of solid wood For solid wood – also solid wood – cross sections are worked out of a tree trunk and further processed by drilling, milling or planing. The material is a genuine natural product, unique in its structure and color.

FineBuy Classic secretary wood desk office

Drawer wood secretary desk by finebuy
Drawer wood secretary desk by finebuy
Finebuy classic wood desk secretary office
Finebuy classic wood desk secretary office

Radius Miss Moneypenny Office Desk Furniture

“Moneypenny, what should I do without you?” Good agents know why they have been using office desk furniture for their secretary since 1951.

Reliable and timelessly beautiful – get your own “Miss Moneypenny” as secretary of Radius Design home.


Radius Miss Moneypenny Desk office furniture black
Radius Miss Moneypenny office desk furniture black

The successful interpretation of an unspoken love by the extraordinary material mix of steel and the open-glazed wood of the working surface fit into many different spatial concepts.

The integrated secret compartment is used not only to store small secrets but to conceal the cabling of your equipment.


laptop on desk office furniture
laptop on office desk furniture

The undercover cabling continues through the foot – for an undisturbed aesthetic.

The intelligent cable channel guarantees a comfortable cable connection by simple insertion.

The optional laptop holder under the desktop lets your laptop or tablet disappear quickly.

high quality desk office furniture
high quality office desk furniture

Item: Desk
Color: Black
Series: Miss Moneypenny
Material: powder coated steel, aluminum, wood
Dimensions: 116.4 x 52.2 x 83.3

The secretary can be complemented by the fitting lighting from Absolut.

Lapdesk 360 laptop height adjustable stand

Lapdesk 360 is a great laptop height adjustable stand, Up-to-date design.  Its not only takes care of your health by preventing neck pain and tension.

laptop height adjustable stand

This laptop height adjustable stand large integrated and quiet cooling fan cools the hardware ideally and prevents damage caused by overheating. It is very well suited for the long operation of your laptop!


I use my laptop for everyday office applications, surfing and shopping, Meanwhile, more often than my stand PC. I would not recommend this to anyone. I have been using the touchpad for a long time,

The delivery went via a prime accustomed quickly within a day.
First, the package was delivered in an Amazon carton. In it the package is packed with a protective film. Below is the actual carton. My carton looked very abused. Everywhere wrinkles and now it was already broken. It looked as if I had received a return. As a gift, I can not recommend it.

Scope of delivery:

  • Laptop table
  • Instruction
  • Mouse pad for screwing
  • Screws



The table has been delivered assembled and ready for use. You only need to attach the mouse pad (if necessary) with the screws.
The main material is ABS (A very hard plastic, I know only for 3D printers) and aluminum coated for the optics. On the one hand, the linkage is not as stable and if you use it, it is inferior.

The entire linkage is encased in this way.

portable adjustable desk for laptop

The fan in the bottom of the table looks like an XXL-PC fan. Laptop table Instruction Mouse to screw on Screws Processing: The table has been delivered assembled and ready for use. You only need to attach the mouse pad (if necessary) with the screws.

The main material is ABS (A very hard plastic, I know only for 3D printers) and aluminum-coated for the optics. On the one hand, the linkage is not as stable and if you use it, it is inferior. The entire linkage is encased in this way.

movable computer stand


The table measures 60×26 cm (plate) and is thus significantly larger than I had expected.
With the side buttons you can adjust one of the three axes. I needed something until I got the system out. Often I had not always hit the same height on both sides during the first attempt.  Setting is easy without great resistance.

The fan is plugged into the laptop via USB.

notebook desk adjustable

If you have a new Macbook you have to pay attention to have a USB-B type adapter.
The fan immediately begins to run when plugged in and is whisper quiet. I was really positively surprised. If you look or listen to music, TV etc., it is not perceptible and even my touch tone is louder.

However, it also sucks a lot of dust, so you should clean it regularly.

The table itself is as already described from plastic (ABS) and I have clearly noticed. My laptop (see pictures) is about 2.2 kg heavy and the whole construction has wiggled and / or suspended with every moving or fixed key pressure. With “aggresive” tapping on the keyboard you have to reduce the height, because everything otherwise unbearably rocking. For a tablet no problem but as soon as the laptop / notebook etc. over 2 kg goes it wobbly.

standing laptop desk

The mousepad is big enough, but must be dismantled if the design folds.

Generally, the table is very handy. Especially on the couch I can finally use a mouse. The optics and processing are solid.

stand up laptop stand

However, it is already a relatively large construction and depending on the couch it can also be too large, therefore measure before! The price is already proud and sure is not a must-have but a useful gadget, if you want to work on the laptop just like on a stand PC.

laptop furniture stand

Above all, it can be made within 5 seconds completely transport ready and everywhere with me has convinced me.

desktop stand for laptop

If you have the money and for this decisive it will not be regrettable.

Standing desk for gaming, fun and health

With a standing desk for gaming, not only get the fun but also you more fit and healthy. PC Gamers will love this adjustable pc table named Lian Li.

standing desk for gaming black
standing desk for gaming black

This Lian Li standing desk for gaming is great! there many variations, shapes, and colors. However, the model of Lian Li differs from most others. Because it also acts as a housing for your PC and does not rob a space under the desk. In addition, the transparent glass plate provides a view of the PC components.

adjustable gaming standing desk modern
adjustable gaming standing desk modern

Standing desk meets gaming computer – or vice versa

amazing standing desk for gaming pc
amazing standing desk for gaming pc

Lian Li is known primarily as a manufacturer of desktop enclosures and computer fans. But the Chinese company also manufactures other computer accessories – as well as desks. With the DK-04, the company is setting new ground, as it is the first desk of the company, which is electrically adjustable between 67.5 and 116 centimeters.

rear standing desk for gaming lian
rear standing desk for gaming lian

But this is not enough, because the desk rack is designed to accommodate a complete PC – in its individual parts. The DK04 certainly acts as a desk and computer case at the same time.

inside the component standing desk for gaming
inside the component standing desk for gaming
four fans gaming pc standing
four fans gaming pc standing
black silver material standing desk for gaming cool
black silver material standing desk for gaming cool

At first glance, the desk with its front-mounted control unit and LED for height adjustment looks like a conventional desk-top table, but if the glass desk top is turned upwards, there are slots for the mainboard, hard disks, GPU and Co.

standing desk for gaming
standing desk for gaming
lian li key button adjustment standing desk for gaming
lian li key button adjustment standing desk for gaming

There is space for two hard disks, four 120-millimeter fans, support for liquid cooling. On the front, the table also has four USB 3.0 ports. This Standing desk for gaming price at 1.269.99 pounds sterling or about US$1,500 without PC components, of course.