Radius Miss Moneypenny Office Desk Furniture

“Moneypenny, what should I do without you?” Good agents know why they have been using office desk furniture for their secretary since 1951.

Reliable and timelessly beautiful – get your own “Miss Moneypenny” as secretary of Radius Design home.


Radius Miss Moneypenny Desk office furniture black
Radius Miss Moneypenny office desk furniture black

The successful interpretation of an unspoken love by the extraordinary material mix of steel and the open-glazed wood of the working surface fit into many different spatial concepts.

The integrated secret compartment is used not only to store small secrets but to conceal the cabling of your equipment.


laptop on desk office furniture
laptop on office desk furniture

The undercover cabling continues through the foot – for an undisturbed aesthetic.

The intelligent cable channel guarantees a comfortable cable connection by simple insertion.

The optional laptop holder under the desktop lets your laptop or tablet disappear quickly.

high quality desk office furniture
high quality office desk furniture

Item: Desk
Color: Black
Series: Miss Moneypenny
Material: powder coated steel, aluminum, wood
Dimensions: 116.4 x 52.2 x 83.3

The secretary can be complemented by the fitting lighting from Absolut.

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