Miniature Office Desk Furniture, Printer Fixed Computer Table Chair 01:12

This is not real desk, but a miniature of office computer desk, great!

1/12 miniature dollhouse set
includes computer, computer desk, chair, monitor, keyboard and printer
The keyboard box can slide in and out
The cajš® and host computer can be removed
President estš ¢ equipped with velvet ear pads Turbo
size: Approx. 11.2 x 7cm
President Size: Approx. 8.5 x 4.5cm
Printing Size: Approx. 4 x 4 cm
Monitor Size: Approx. 4 x 4 cm
Keyboard size: Approx. 4.2 x 1.8cm
Main material: Wood
Maincolor: Black and White

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