Ikea Standing Desk Improve Health And Focus

The world’s largest furniture store Ikea began selling the BEKANT Sit Standing desk (Standing and Sitting) last month. The Bekant (Swedish: “friend”) got its name because it is the best offer on the market for a full size and electrically adjustable footrest. This Ikea Standing Desk can improve your health and focus to your work!

bekant ergonomy adjustable height desk
The 63 x 31 inch desk supports up to 150 lbs. Of weight and can be raised up to 4 feet thanks to a set of telescopic legs. The legs are made of powder coated steel and the desk is simply made of birch plywood.
sit and standing desk
The BEKANT convertible desk comes with a limited 10-year parts warranty.
bekant ikea standing desk
The most critically acclaimed standing desk in the world.

Review by : XHome

The use of standing desk has become popular in recent months. It is true that there are conflicting opinions regarding their actual usefulness or not . Therefore, it is best to try for yourself what they offer and what benefit we find.

We have tried the IKEA Bekant table for three months . More than enough time to experiment until you find an efficient routine. Or maybe not.

Bekant by IKEA, the standing desk available to everyone.


Dimensions 120×80 cmHeight Min 64cm – max 125cmUsage recommendation For indoor or indoor use onlyUse of engines

The motors can be used for up to one minute. Stop 9 minutes before being used again

Maximum weight 70KgElectrical power supply DC 34V – 200W

Standing desks there are many. We have those that are adjusted in height manually, are not very comfortable, and those through a motorized system allow to vary the height.

Those are the most interesting but also more expensive.

In XHome we have seen some other proposal, normally available in the American market and most with a high price. Sometimes it is justified by proposals of value as bluetooth connection that, through an intelligent system, is able to give you warnings, keep the heights of different users, etc.

Ikea Bekant table height control switch
Ikea Bekant table height control switch

The IKEA Bekant table is very typical of the brand. That is to say, we are going to have to mount it ourselves, even if it is quiet, it will not touch with the motorized feet. The only thing is to assemble the structure and place the selected board. A very simple process that in a matter of minutes will allow us to be using it.

Regarding the quality of manufacturing I have to say that I find it very high. The wooden board is not remarkable but the sturdiness of the legs and the mechanical system does not give a feeling that it will suffer with the passage of time. Like any other product of this type faults are not exempt but it seems to resist very well.

Recommended ikea standing desk
Recommended ikea standing desk

Anyway, IKEA recommends two key points. The first is that we do not force for a long time the motor of the legs. That is, we can raise the table to the height that we want and if we have gone down or re-climb until we give the exact height. What we can not do is take us 5 minutes going up and down the table because we could damage it.

Then, high that it is logical by the type of support, we should not load with more than 70 kg the table and always they would have to be distributed in all the surface, never in a concrete point.

Experience of use

Experience of use ikea sit-stand desk
Experience of use ikea sit-stand desk

In three months it gives time to know if all this standing work is really effective or a simple fashion more. I already warn you that I have thought of everything, since it was an absolute nonsense until it was great. In the end, the conclusion is that virtue is in the middle.

The first few weeks forced me to be periods of one or two hours. The result was that he ended up with leg pain and even back . I thought it would be because of the lack of custom but no, it is a natural consequence.

Our body is designed to stand, yes, but on the move . When we abuse and stay for a long time, it is normal for the legs to ache. That conditions us to look for postures to relax the pain but it causes us discomfort in the back. If your physical condition is good you will endure more but you will end up with some discomfort equally.

After a few weeks of failure I changed the strategy. I began to set intervals where I would work standing up for 15 minutes every hour and a half of sitting work . Well, sometimes I spent a little more time.

Standing desk adjustable

With that idea the feeling was better. Now I did my daily work in the usual way and only during periods of 15 minutes took advantage of the possibility of working standing with this table. The pains of legs and back no longer appeared and changing posture from time to time allowed me to activate. Something that if you work from home you will understand, because when you have a good time in front of the computer it is normal that your pace decays.

At present I have been modifying everything a little. The first twenty minutes of work I do it standing. This is because I usually dedicate to consulting the mail, review the tasks I had planned and some other management. It helps me to activate because, when working from home, I do not have that routine to go to work.

From there I go combining, when I need to concentrate I do it sitting. I stop every hour and a half or two hours, go up the table and “disconnect” for 10 or 15 minutes while I look at the mail, social networks or read something that interests me. Actions that stand and while stretching my legs relax me.

Therefore, my experience and conclusions after using the standing desk for three months is that they are not the panacea, but it is true that they bring some interesting advantages . Ideally, we spend less time sitting down through healthy habits such as playing sports or going for a walk. But if you want to avoid being sitting too long are a good solution. Just do not abuse it because it will not do any good. For me the ideal has been to combine periods between 15 and 30 minutes standing with longer ones, around 2 hours, sitting.

Regarding the table, for 359 euros (basic model) I think it is an economic option. There are 1,000 euros or almost 4,000 others that exist, the quality of construction is good and the operation very correct.

Ikea Standing Desk Improve Health And Focus high gloss Ikea Standing Desk Improve Health And Focus furniture Ikea Standing Desk Improve Health And Focus black Ikea Standing Desk Improve Health And Focus white Ships fully assembled. Sits on top of your current desk. No-risk guarantee._

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