ErgoRemedy Adjustable Height Standing Desk

ErgoRemedy’s latest version of our popular standing / seating desk has a two levels: put your screen (monitor or laptop) on the top level + keyboard and mouse on the keyboard level, all within a small footprint!

  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN – fits every body size, push up and down on the existing furniture to a standing height. Here you can comfortably work either by standing or sitting.
  • MANY WORKSTAR SPACE – Top platform interface is wide enough for any size of laptop or desktop monitors.
  • SMALL SPACE FRIENDLY & PORTABLE – The slim footprint takes up less space to convert the desk to desk areas. Light weight (about 8 kg) allows you to easily move your mobile workstation and convertible desktop to different places in your home or office.
  • PULL-OUT & INSERT KEYBOARD – The touch screen is up to 20 cm in the direction of you to have better viewing distance from screen. This product is in black color.
  • Fighting YOUR sedentary lifestyle – scientists have found that more standing, stimulation and other forms of activity in your lifestyle can have positive health benefits for the body.

The tactile plane pulls 20 inches towards you for even more comfort. So if you are standing, you can change your keyboard height, as well as the distance from you exactly the perfect setting. And when you’re ready to put for a while, simply remove the support leg, lower the tactile plane to a flat setting, and then lower the monitor level.

The keyboard and monitor levels set independently, so you can adjust each to your correct height. The simplicity of this desktop converter is really its best feature.

ErgoRemedy gives you the flexibility of sitting or at work, with such ease. Start standing now without replacing the effort of the entire workplace. And if you change cubes, it is so easy, it is mobile. This product is in black color.

The height is connected with a little effort, you have to be aware of the weight that is on the platform, otherwise, it will come down stiffly. The decisive factor here is where the table top is positioned on the table. If you are small and have to bend far forward for adjustment, the adjustment costs a lot of strength and goes on the back. With us one can approach from the back to the table, then it is a good handlebar.

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