Curved Glass Desk Model Scriptorium 100 VTR

Curved Glass Desk

Model: Scriptorium 100 VTR

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  • Bridge table desk in curved glass 12 mm for studio and office.
  • A very elegant and functional desk that is able to illuminate with the transparency and the glass light effects throughout the environment, providing your studio or office a touch of classic beauty.


Yeah, I could not expect better, both for the showcase, both for who is behind it: and I’ll explain. I tried a glass desk for my study and was looking aesthetically pleasing, good quality and contained in costs.

Then I tried, temporally speaking, in August, when all (or most) were on vacation. It seemed to me that a company would still have left me unsatisfied, and instead I was wrong because I found this company in which the people who work there do it with professionalism and dedication.

I requested information about the desk SCRIPTORIUM 120cm, sending a 4 email to which I was told in detail and within a very short time, I proceeded to the purchase, at a discount of 10%, I got the desk in less than one week after the call of Mr Lorenzo, who has patiently I also provided orally a “dismantling manual” to extract the product from the package, without ruining it.

Now I have a very stylish desk, light and durable. The only “flaw” is that the goods are delivered to the street level. – Federica L.

2 Replies to “Curved Glass Desk Model Scriptorium 100 VTR”

  1. hi Federica,,

    my name is Martin, from Heidelberg, Germany.

    Where did you buy this amazing desk out of glas. Is the glass completely clear or has it a greenish touch

    kind regards and thanks for your answer

    1. Federica is my friend on facebook, she says this glass desk made in Italy and bought by online; : infabbrica

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