Combine Antique Furniture and English Style

If you have a bit of a bunch of antique furniture and English style, you know that certain names always come back and are an integral part of the range.

For example the famous Chesterfield furniture, the colorful Tiffany lamps, or even the retro furniture. The English furniture and antique furniture are diverse, and they can also be combined in a variety of ways.

Through the use of various English furniture and antique furniture, decorations and lamps, the craziest, most gorgeous and noble furnishing styles can be created. In this three-part special, you will learn how to do it best. Let yourself be inspired!

Total British: Chesterfield sofa, English style furniture and classic lamps

You love England, you love your home style and you dream of getting yourself completely British? With a combination of Chesterfield sofa, English style furniture and classic lamps, you are always right.

Start with the Chesterfield sofa! Only with an English Chesterfield sofa and matching armchairs, as well as possibly a stool, you can start optimally.

Now it goes on: The remaining furniture should be English style furniture made of good wood. For example, Georgian mahogany furniture – popular are the high-quality Chippendale furniture. Make sure that you buy as much English style furniture as possible so that everything fits together nicely.

Now add some details to the setup: A few decorations like Sofa with the Union Jack, the British flag on it, and an antique airplane model create a great flair. Furthermore, you can provide lighting with classic lamps from England. The bench lamp is a typical classic lamp as found in English offices. Also, other English lamps look stylish and good.

Totally modern despite retro furniture and Chesterfield furniture

An evil and unconfirmed prejudice about antique furniture and retro furniture is that they do not fit into a modern decor – but it is not so at all! On the contrary, Chesterfield furniture for example can be highly modern and yet incomparably stylish!

A black Chesterfield sofa with silver rivets and some Swarovksi stones looks more than elegant and is ideally suited for a very modern interior. Add more Chesterfield furniture, for example two matching armchairs left and right, and then go to the retro furniture.

A chic black retro coffee table with glass surface fits perfectly into the picture. Then a modern fluffy carpet in gray and a flat screen TV.

On black walls hang black and silver or gray picture frames and a chrome-plated wall clock. And a black-silver deltakommode is a retro piece of furniture that fits perfectly. A kitchen table in Innox design and matching chairs can also look modern.

Just have a look at our Retro Department! Make the whole thing even more comfortable, with one or the other accessory by Clayre & Eef. State of the Art!

Natural Setting

About a natural setting and, in contrast to the modern furnishing of the first contribution, a more classical style of living. The English furniture and antique furniture are diverse, and they can also be combined in a variety of ways. Through the use of our various English furniture and antique furniture, the various great furnishing styles can be created.

Totally natural with teak furniture and country house furniture

Do you prefer a natural setting? You do not want chrome, no varnished wood, and no glass?

Untouched, untreated bright teak furniture create a friendly and cozy atmosphere. Complete the bright teak furniture by romantic-cozy country-house furniture.

A teatical and some country-house furniture in the form of chairs are optimally combined with a floral-patterned Clayre & Eef tablecloth.

On the wall, which is decorated by a wood paneling, rustic decorations and pictures of flowers hang. A beautiful Clayre & Eef vase holds a colorful bouquet on the table and a soft fabric sofa with floral coating in light, gentle colors, combined with the country-house furniture and teak furniture to create a feeling of well-being. If you want it less rural and more modern,

Totally classic with Tiffany and Bevan Funnell

If you like to live classic and like it “old fashioned”, but still want to maintain great style, is served with Bevan Funnell wooden furniture well. Because Bevan Funnell are known for their quality and manufacture high quality English wood furniture, mostly made of mahogany and yew.

They offer countless types of furniture that look classic and classy and last long. As usual, a Chesterfield, preferably in brown, red-brown, bordeaux or dark green. The popular colorful Tiffany lamps with their unique colorful glass technology ensure a nice classic lighting.

The rest of the classic but stylish atmosphere is made by antique decorations such as an old globe, an oldtimer as an automobile model or an old, worn out compass, as well as a porcelain collection in a Bevan Funnell buffet cabinet.

The walls should be kept in white or bright Cremona so it fits perfectly. Couch cushions in pale rose decor provide comfort. And an old clock with cuckoo is also part of the set.

This was the second part of our facility special. If you want more of it, you do not have to wait a long time because tomorrow we are already publishing the third and last part of the series.

More Creative and Special

It is a bit more creative and special because we want to show you how to create a nautical style with maritime flair with maritime and retro furniture and give you tips for a dreamy romantic interiors with Shabby Chic and Clayre & Eef.

Totally nautical: retro furniture and maritime decorations

You like to see Pirates of the Caribbean or hear Santiano, dream of a salty fresh sea breeze and an idyllic rocking sailboat? Perhaps you even dream of owning your own houseboat? Then the retro furniture and maritime decorations are just right for you, as we show you how to create a great nautical interior with these jewelery! Let’s start with it: First of all, furniture.

The retro furniture and club chairs have a subtle marine look. Often, the light brown leather furniture and chests of drawers are decorated with shining metal, the so-called inox design, and the wooden furniture is subtly rounded at the corners and edges.

With these pieces a great room can be set up. Before we approach the decoration, we come to the color combination. For an idyllic seamanship, we recommend medium-bright to light brown, which is complemented by green and blue shades.

For example, a light blue wall and a wooden floor. If you want something more daring, we recommend a dark brown, black and green as a pirate combination.

Now to the Maritim decoration: Here you will find a large selection of decorations, such as fishing nets, weathered globes, old compasses, rescue rings, decorative anchors, bullaug mirrors, and even ship lamps. The decorations are detailed and authentic.

Totally dreamy with Shabby Chic and Clayre & Eef

If you like a bright and friendly atmosphere with a chic and romantic-dreamy look, we recommend the right mixture of country house style, Shabby Chic and Clayre & Eef. Some bright country-style furniture such as table and chairs combined with sweet shabby chic furniture, for example, white worn cupboards and chests of drawers.

The walls should be bright, preferably white or pastel tones. The floors are particularly light parquet, white marble or a light carpet. The walls should be adorned with Shabby chic imagery, as well as great light wooden sayings like “Live your Dream!” Or “Live, Love and Laugh”.

Add a soft pink to most of the white furniture and use Clayre & Eef accessories, Such as sofas with flowers on it. Add cute, playful details like cupcake patterns, or cupcake-shaped biscuits from Clayre & Eef. Small heart patterns are also at Clayre & Eef.

This was our three-part special for the furniture combination – we hope that we could inspire and inspire you. If you have any questions or need advice, we are available to you, both by phone and in person in our showroom in Kaarst near Neuss.

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