Contemporary Wooden Coffee Table From Rustic Wood

A unique coffee table made of maple and glass, nothing unnecessary. The maker is John Houshmand.

The top is made of rugged wood and this asymmetry provides a special appeal to the table. The legs are made of glass and that give it a touch of elegance.

wooden top material glass desk
wooden top material glass desk
wood glass deck combination
wood glass deck combination
unique desk with glass leg
unique desk with glass leg

When I saw it, it gives me a sense of calmness and relaxation. A perfect combination of elegance and natural, is not it?

Unique Side Table High Gloss with Storage

This is unique side table has a real eye-catcher. The lacquer is beautifully uniform, there are no scratches or streaks. On the underside are pads, so the table can neither scratch nor scratch. Just great.

NONO desk
NONO desk

 very beautiful and gives the room a touch of simple modernity sidetable 30 cm in diameter The table is very light and we use it as a living room table porcelain white

  • Side table “Nono” round white ABS
  • ABS white 45 x45 cm
  • 40x40x42

The table fits very well to you equipment. When unpacking, the “red noses” of the excess lacquer on the underside directly fell. But you can not see that when the table is in the room. Otherwise, the table is as expected.

Unique Aluminum Writing Desk by KMH

This is unique alumunium wrtiting desk that you can bring to your home: Spacious desk “AIRCRAFT” by KMH.

3 open storage compartments

Aluminum sheathed and riveted

The view in your office


Not everyone has such an aluminum table


Height ca. 78.5 cm
Width approx. 170 cm
Depth approx. 75 cm

Writing desk Airman 1707

partial solid
Surface completely covered with aluminum
Studs in rivet optics
Dimensions: width approx. 150 cm; Depth approx. 60 cm; Height ca. 75 cm
3 storage compartments
Can be combined with further furniture from this series
Item is already assembled

The Airman desk is made in flyer design, which brings a special accent into every room.
The surface of the table is completely covered with aluminum.
The attached ornamental screws highlighted the stylish design.
Daer Desk Airman 1707-21 impresses with its modern design.
It has three storage compartments in which you can optimally accommodate your office documents.

Thanks to its size, the desk offers enough room for a computer, where you can comfortably do your work.


Ragnarok Furniture Design Dining Table with 2 Chairs

This is amazing dining table. Garden furniture PolyRattan made in Germany – EIGNENE PRODUKTION Ragnarök furniture design dining table with 2 chairs & 2 stools garden furniture including glass and seat cushion brown.

13 pcs. XXL set 4 people PolyRattan dining table set
2x armchair & 2x stool (can be pushed completely under the table “cube system”)
6x upholstery – 1x glass plate made of genuine ESG safety glass
High-quality aluminum substructure (very stable & extremely light) 100% Guaranteed Rust-free

Benefits of this high-quality polyrattan dining set at a glance:
Space-saving cube system
Foldable backrests with 90cm height!
-2 armchairs & 2 stools incl. All 6 upholstery
-place for 4 persons (XXL-table ca: 60 x 121 cm)
-Glass plate made of real -ESG safety glass
– No shaky kit furniture, everything from one piece welded
– No tedious assembly required – Unpacking = Ready

Product Information
Premium quality furniture of the German label “Ragnarök-Möbeldesign *” * protected by the German Patent Office.
This exclusive dining table set from “Ragnarök-Möbeldesign” is the Trend 2017. It is a view in every garden and offers with its 2 chairs and 2 stools sufficient space for 4 persons
The plastic braid is made of weather resistant polyrattan in a beautiful “Bi-Color brown”, the frame made of aluminum (100% RUSTFREI). The upholstery covers are removable and washable.
7 years warranty, since OWN production
Delivery by courier not by post / parcel service as with cheap furniture. Assembly is not required. The set is delivered fully assembled. Scope of delivery of this Polyrattan garden furniture seat group:
1x XXL table with plenty of space (60 x 121 cm) incl. ESG glass plate
2x armchair (with folding backrests 90cm high)
2x seat cushion for armchair
2x back cushions for armchairs
2x stool
2x seat cushion for stool
1x custom protective cover

Customers review:







Benefits of this high-quality polyrattan dining set at a glance:

Space-saving cube system
Foldable backrests with 90cm height!
-2 armchairs & 2 stools incl. All 6 upholstery
-place for 4 persons (XXL-table ca: 60 x 121 cm)
-Glass plate made of real -ESG safety glass
– No shaky kit furniture, everything from one piece welded
– No tedious assembly required – Unpacking = Ready

Product Information
Premium quality furniture of the German label “Ragnarök-Möbeldesign *” * protected by the German Patent Office.

Very good quality. I can only recommend. Engraved, beautiful seat cushion and practical to put together. Also the cover for the winter is very convenient.

We like this seat very well. It looks chic and is easy to use even on small surfaces thanks to its design. The look is classy and the seat group smelled also after the unpacking not according to chemistry, as is the case with cheap products unfortunately often. We hope the summer is coming soon.

Amazing New Table Design in 18 Pictures

I am always amazed by the designer who can design unique objects of everyday things that seem simple. Who would have thought that the table is usually boring can be transformed into unique artwork and cool? Which makes this cool design of the table is a combined function and shape is very creative.

We have collected 18 table designs the most creative and unique that you have to clay. Maybe this could provide inspiration for the design of your new home.

1. Design and Grass Wood Table

Image design wooden tables and grass
Above table designed by Emily Wettstein, using walnut wood and steel for certain bagian2, and add grass to live in the middle. It gives a sensation of unique nature in your room.

2. Design Desk Cube Rubus

Rubus cubic design drawing table
Rubik’s Cube tables inspired by Classical toys … In the picture above we can see that table really like the original Rubik. (link)

Table 3. Design Watches

Image Design Unique Watches Desk
Jewelry Watches desk by Lee J. Rowland has shaped desk watches that actually function. Tables can switch between the time clock that tells time, or a mode that displays text messages, with a maximum of 8 letters. (link)

4. Design Snowflake Desk

Picture Desk Design Unique Snow Grains
Shaped table unique snowflake. According to its manufacturers, furniture Snowflakes is the first in the world to be mass produced and one for all. Corian counter surfaces are cut using a computer program that converts the pattern in the setup parameters for each table created. (Designer: Claesson Koivisto Rune for Offecct)

5. Design Desk Tongue

Image Design Desk Tongue

Unique design coffee table inspired by the shape of the tongue. (Designer: Louis Durot)

6. Unique Design Desk Of Spoons

Tables Unique Design Of Spoons

Designed by Toni Grilo to exhibit in Paris, entirely made of kitchen utensils.

7. Design Dynamic Tables

Dynamic Table Design

Chul an Kwak is a young Korean designer who aims to inject furniture with dynamic emotion, breaking from the static norms.

8. Design Brush Shaped Desk

Shaped Desk Design Brush

Several years ago, the British designer Jason Taylor created a set of furniture made to look like a hairbrush.

Table 9. Domino Design Wood

Image Design Domino Wooden Desk

A concept in motion, Domino table gives new classic elegance.
10. Black and White Design Crew Desk

Crew Desk Design Black and White

So he called the desk crew who intended to put together such a panel for each section. (Designer: Minus Tio)

11. Design Table Illusion

Design Table Illusion Unique

The illusion is a handmade table of 3 mm acrylic. All illusions table is handmade, individual and unique design. The service gives the impression of a tablecloth on a round table. However, the object uses the structural strength of the folded material to create a magical and surprising experience – an illusion. (Designer: Rafa Garcia)

12. Mutual Dealing Desk Design

Faced Each Other Desk Design

Designer Dan McCabe described his “Two Faced” (Mutually opposite) coffee table making “very modern”. (link)

Table 13. Design Wave Water Ripple Effect

Design Desk Air Wave Ripple Effect

Using advanced 3D milling process and a variety of materials such as polished aluminum, polyester resin, and a little technique creates a vibration, Lee J. Rowland created the Series Ripple, a table that appeared to stop time in its tracks rippling. (link)

Table 14. Binaries Modern Design

Binaries Desk Modern Design

By extending the principles of mathematics from 1960 Spirograph engineering tools into a 3-dimensional, and connect it with a new computer program developed and latest technology of 3D printing, now as a simple way to create a table as shown above. (Designer: Cohda Studio)

Table 15. Design Ink Cat Love

Table Design Ink Cat Love

Domeau & Peres designing tables which create the illusion that it melts. (link)

16. Design Pieces Desk Box

Design Table Pieces Box

A square table divided by pieces randomly. The pieces are divided into side tables of various shapes and dimensions (Designer: voonwong & bensonsaw)

Table 17. Artifact Design

Image Design Desk Root

A small table made in powder-painted metal, which overturns the concept of artifacts: on foot, produced by the same geometry that governs nature, “FRATTALI”, and in the printed surface with small fall leaves. As the remaining objects in the influence of the changing nature of aesthetics. (link)

18. Unique Design Desk Endless’

Image Unique Design Desk Endless

The Endless Nile table inspired by the flow of the slow and continuous Nile. This new design, while inspired by the past, deconstructing tables and seating conventional concept to rejoin them in a solution of original and contemporary (Designer: Amr Helmy Designs).

Strates Desk Three Pieces in One Furniture

An innovative eye-catcher and also a practical space-saver is the desk Strate, the French designer Mathieu Lehanneur for the Belgian company objects has designed and built. The sides of Strates form two 74 cm high shelves, which you can also individually put into your home or hang. Or you use the clever combination system and bring a 148 or 190 centimeter wide table top to it. This creates a desk with a lot of storage space and a cool look. High quality birch wood is used in the production process. The desk and shelves are available in white, black and wood optic, depending on the color and the height, the price is between 1,550 and 2,210 euros. Not really cheap but chic.

Technological Decoration, Milk Computer Desk

At the present time, the interior design adapts increasingly to technological solutions that brings the future and, conversely, new technology products assume an aesthetic design , increasingly technological devices are part of the decoration and decorate our home , and our personal aesthetics.

The Mac brand , and designed especially for your lovers of design users, the Danish Soren Kjaer has designed an extremely functional line to the table the computer , Milk . The cables run through the inside of the cabinet and are not in sight. The connections are accessible and adaptability to work on the desktop it is huge. The design is so purist to as the usual brand, and will delight the most modern users.

Our house, must be also adapted to the technological changes , it is not necessary to have what has not yet been released, or become obsessed with constantly updated, but if we keep in mind that technology options will facilitate our daily lives And our work.

We know that increasingly, the functionality is fashionable, and that new technologies are part of our life.

Unique Multi Functional Coffee Table

Coffee table, the low table placed in front of the sofa where we put our magazine or drink or small things while we were in the living room and chat with friends. That’s even how the table is called a coffee table. Anyway, there are already plenty of variety, price, style and material that makes the coffee table. These variations make each unique, although it is usually low tables rectangular typical for them but due to changes in the arts industry and many designers come up with new designs, the coffee table now is furniture that we can make it the centerpiece of the living room we.

Several years ago, the traditional furniture serves only one purpose. If it is the seat, that seat – if the table, then that table. Only that. But, with the current trend, when we say the furniture, now multi-purpose. More and more use of certain furniture is able to serve, the more it seems practical to choose. Of course, the design and materials to clients are always a factor in choosing things, but in the market, the more useful and well designed with a specific item, the more worthless. Below is a series of designer coffee table design that would lead us to believe that the multi-purpose furniture is in promising style.

Adjustable Coffee Table

Foxtrot Coffee Table
Foxtrot Coffee Table

Cute coffee table with black stripes and white with the center being used for storage.

Coffee Table Flex
Coffee Table Flex

Coffee Table Flex is designed to look stunning and modern are most likely to be used for modern contemporary homes.

Coffee Table Flex
Coffee Table Flex

Flexibly designed for the common man who rented the apartment. The design is easy to detach and attach to each other for current use and storage.

Coffee Table Rounded
Coffee Table Rounded

This attractive table serves as both a desk and bookshelves. The function of this table depends on the owners want or need.

Circus Coffee Table
Circus Coffee Table

Circus is part of the collection of Sam Baron and Friends. the multi-layered table is designed to coordinate with timeless pieces in your home.

Adjustable Coffee Table
Adjustable Coffee Table

This table is adjusted. A cool coffee table that you can use in different ways. You can even use it as a chair.

These you have a stunning coffee table like this will inspire us much every day and let the designers and critics in us show and confusing. The unique design we were able to show in this article believe it gives us insight into how innovative and creative designers today and how many goals and design come hand in hand to create a coffee table much useless. If before things are made to do one thing, now, more and more functionality is one thing that, more precious and valuable it might be.

Awesome Desk Build with Glass and Car Engine

Pretty awesome desk! This desk made by EngineLabs. Probably the most expensive desk ever.


That’s so awesome but, am I the only one saddened by those 2 engines being used as a work desk?

There are starving people in this world “people wish they had an awesome engine” and they have complete engines under their feet….. Use them lol

And, this is another desk build with glass and car engine


High Quality Shooting Desk For Personal Photography.

The Shooting Desk is ideal for quick and high-quality product or personal photography. Design By HWA Studio


The Shooting Desk is easy to assemble and the carrying bag can be used for compact storage.

The acrylic shooting surface is ideal to take crisp high quality shadow-free pictures.


The sweeping bend produces a transition between the ground and background without distorting the image

This gives you an advantage when cropping or editing your picture later on.


Due to its thick acrylic material there are no creases, just bend it to the correct position and secure it with the provided spring clamps.

The shooting table is perfect for any avid EBay user, giving the user crisp and clear photos to increase sales, and attract buyers.



  • Light Weight Adjustable Support Frame
  • Flexible Strong Acrylic White Shooting Table Top
  • Adjustable Back Frame and Extended Curved Front for Low Camera Angles
  • Black Heavy Duty Carrying Bag for Safe Organised Storage
  • None Reflective and Easy to Clean Acrylic White Table Top