IDIMEX Mads Metal Height Adjustable Children Desk

Children desk MADS – Ergonomic and growing

This school desk is ideal for children in the school age. Due to its height adjustment, it adjusts to the body size of the child – from the primary school age to the end of the secondary school. The height of the table top can be adjusted at 3 cm intervals for a height of 63 cm to 93 cm. The height of the tabletop is fixed with metal pins on the back of the desk.

modern school desk
modern school desk

Height adjustable from 64 cm to 91 cm at distances of 3 cm
Adjustable in 9 steps from 0 ° to 42 °
Construction size: 111 x 64-91 x 60 cm (width x height x depth)
Bookshelf and storage compartment under the desk
Backpack holder detachable and mountable on both sides

Under the table top is a storage basket made of metal. Here, schoolbooks and exercise books can be taken from all the subjects that are not being treated.

Thus, the working surface is always free from disturbing distractions.

A tidy workspace provides an ideal learning environment for children to avoid being distracted by toys or other school materials.

adjustable school desk
adjustable school desk

The backpack holder can be attached to the left or right side of the table. So the desk adapts to your child’s room, whether you want to place the table in the left or the right corner of the room.

The table top is finished with a metal strip. This ensures a comfortable storage for the child’s underarms. On your top is a signboard with a design as a meter ruler. The finish of the trim strip is a metal pen tray for excess pens and fillers.

Black plastic caps are attached to every corner of the tabletop. This prevents sharp edges and sharp corners for good product safety.

Tilt-adjustable desk top
In addition, the desk is suitable as a drawing table: The table top is adjustable in 9 steps from 0 ° to 42 °. This is a very useful setting for drawing and painting tasks. Especially for children in the basic school age, an inclined table top is very useful to reach even the shortest arms of the entire sheet. Moreover, an inclined table top is conducive to an upright support at the desk. To tilt the worktable, it is only necessary to tilt the top plate at the top until it locks into one of the 9 steps.


Thank God, I bought this desk and did not listen to the negative recensions.

school desk metal

Everything is fine, the screw holes in the plate are predrilled.

holder metal children desk

IDIMEX Mads Height adjustable children desk

No sharp edges on the metal. The plate is of impeccable quality and well-processed. Only the protective rubber for the lower Ablge immediate disposal, which is a genuine smell monster. However, it is not necessary because there are no sharp edges. – Martin

Minimalist Best Work Desk and Multifunction Bookcase

Working or Learning Atmosphere is more exciting and fun with Best Work Desk and Multifunction Bookcase that is stylish and minimalist. With high quality Particle Board Materials and Finishing TacoSheet Layers make this Best Working Table strong, sturdy with luxurious looks. With Model and Design where there is Multipurpose Bookshelf so that you can keep the collection of books, displays with neat and attractive. With Minimal White Color makes your room brighter, looks clean and attractive.



Wood style



Simple Assembling with Manual Installation is very easy and practical

Dimensions 120 x 48 x 70 (Bookcase Height 120cm).

  • Particle Board Materials with the Best Quality
  • Taco Sheet Finishing Material Sheet
  • Multifunction ie Work Desk and Bookshelf
  • Minimalist Model and There Are Many Color Choices
  • Best Price and easy Installation

Ikea Sundvik Kids Table White

Ikea Sundvik Kids Table White

Main parts: Solid pine wood, Dyes, Late acrylic Lacquer
Bottom: Fibreboard, Lacquer acrylic clear
Length: 58 cm
Width: 45 cm
Height: 55 cm

ikea white desk kids

Height 80 cm x width 60 cm x depth 74 cm, weight 8 kg
Foldable for quick easy handling without assembly required
High-quality ABS material leg upholstery, non-slip, robust and durable
Ideal for school / home desk, laptop desk, couch table, kitchen tableTables for drawing, studying, reading and doing hobbies fit in a small space.
Adjustable cover avoids accidental falling of the cover and injures fingers or small hands.
Storage space below the top that can be opened with large compartments for A3 size paper and smaller compartments for pens and pencils.

Lovely Kids Study Table Modern Touch

It is soon to say table! Choosing a floor plan is an important aspect in defining spaces. Rule ways of acting, habits and the right table also improves the quality of life, especially when it comes to children.

Lovely Catalog Kids Study Table Modern Touch wood and plastic
Lovely Catalog Kids Study Table Modern Touch wood and plastic

The research is based on an equilibrium of ergonomics and quality, with an eye to aesthetics. A beautiful table, it is not said to be functional, but now for children’s design, is really all about it.

Furnishing accessories Multifunctional coffee table with design with kids study
Furnishing accessories Multifunctional coffee table with design with kids study

The big discriminating when choosing a table is height, even when it comes to adults. Because different hard postures vary with the activity that is being done and a table can have different functions over time. Speaking of the smaller ones, there are other aspects to consider.

cute Children's bamboo coffee table, Monellini
cute Children’s bamboo coffee table, Monellini

Children’s Table for First Activities

Children are born, grow and do things. Much things! Some of which, at least the earliest times, take place on the ground. But at some point, walking and developing the early years of life, they approach the sessions and their support plans. The table for the first activities is actually a coffee table, studied as for the big ones but with reduced measures, just as Montessorian method and practiced in many nursery schools.

Children's Coffee Tables stand and sit
Children’s Coffee Tables stand and sit
Christmas gifts for children furnishings and functional complements
Christmas gifts for children furnishings and functional complements
Dad Factory Desktop Kids Table
Dad Factory Desktop Kids Table
Component Design - Dental practice equipment
Component Design – Dental practice equipment
Green for the children's room corrugated board chair and table
Green for the children’s room corrugated board chair and table
Group table sitting kids mobile kids to sit for kids
Group table sitting kids mobile kids to sit for kids

The table must be an instrument, in this case, always available.
Left at a strategic point in the home, it must allow the child to approach coloring and drawing, without necessarily resorting to the help of parents.

In this case, the table will have heights around 48 cm and different shapes.
The position is not as binding as it does with desk desks and offices, but it is still to be set up properly, to give the right imprinting for the future school.

It is better to choose a wide and practical table, which allows the child to do more things, to widen and to hold no weight. Additionally, by exploiting the Montessorian conception of activity without the need of an adult, it is good to have crates, pencils, easy to find and above all easy to store, so that they are autonomous not only in the beginning but also in the Rearranging and finishing an activity.

Some commercial children’s tables are also equipped with paper roll holder for small grass artists. Others, they have the pencil door, some more a drawers to start ordering their own things. For example, Ikea also has a coffee table, Sundvik, which resembles a school bench, with a closed shelf below, so you can hide and put the plan in order by simply moving things around.

The children’s table for homework

Years go by and change needs. There is a time when the initial activities of the children are replaced by the early school assignments, the study with the girlfriends and the classical routines we all had in the early school years.

Design table 'Rolltable'
Design table ‘Rolltable’

In this case, the table will play a key role in a comfortable space and lived in the best of ways.

Ergonomics for children - ARCHITECT HOUSE
Ergonomics for children – ARCHITECT HOUSE
Small table and colored shelves for 2 different children's study angles
Small table and colored shelves for 2 different children’s study angles
Environmental furniture and chair for childern study table
Environmental furniture and chair for childern study table
Children's study table children's furniture a80 high quality children pink color
Children’s study table children’s furniture a80 high quality children pink color
Green Tables for Children's study
Green Tables for Children’s study

The table at this point becomes a desk and more and more often, thanks to the use of suitable and evolutive chairs and seats, it becomes the official table that will follow growth even in adolescent age.

Here the surface must be wide and suitable for supporting open books, notebooks, stationery, and all that can serve for school tasks.

The lines are many and the design, too. You can opt for modern products, or catch from vintage, with a return of forms inspired by school benches.

For those who intend to revolutionize the room precisely with the arrival of their social commitments, there are also many choices of work desks integrated into the structure of the room, with deck beds and cabinets that follow the space evolution and become, Different height, the right table.

Wooden tables for children

The table we think of most of the time in wood. And that’s almost always the case.
Only there is wood and wood. And even the workings he undergoes and can have, are innumerable. Very popular for children are ecological and certified woodworking tables, coming from a certain kind of monitored forests.

Vintage wardrobe restored table
Vintage wardrobe restored table
kids play and study table
kids play and study table
kids study table OTTAWA children's multilayer table play
kids study table OTTAWA children’s multilayer table play
OTTAWA children's multilayer table
OTTAWA children’s multilayer table

In this regard, when it comes to children’s design, it opens up a very large but very interesting category with quality products, often from other countries.

The finishes are neutral, tending to the minimum, with natural dyes or water paints, designed for the health of the youngest. The dyes in question are certified and, in some cases, even accompany a certain type of glues, which, according to the regulations, result in no VOCs or volatile organic compounds, which are not, of course, good for human health.

In addition, some companies produce tables that can be coordinated with other bedroom products, such as beds, cupboards, and seating, worked in the same material and reproduced in coordinated design contexts for a 360-degree space.

Plastic children’s tables

Another very used material is plastic. Cheaper than wood, it is very suitable for the needs of younger children, especially for the type of work that can be rounded and no edges, with even stronger and decorative colors.

colorful table for creative activities ...
colorful table for creative activities …
Features and models of children's tables
Features and models of children’s tables

Plastic in the general sense, because there are many possibilities and solutions used, always with an eye to the environment and the health of the little ones, as well as aesthetics and color.

Polypropylene, Polycarbonate & Co. have the advantage of being washable, lightweight and resistant to impact, without breaking into small pieces, possibly dangerous for children.

And speaking of color, the little ones are almost all allowed: even super colored and creative combinations, which make the object an element of furniture more than simple basic functionality.
Free way to red, blue and yellow tables; Easy to combine in a child-friendly environment, strong colors are that extra element that makes playable space even when the size is reduced.

Table for children: prices and quality

Children’s tables have very different prices. It does not only affect the quality but most of the time is the design that you pay for! Some models, simple and functional, also fit well outside, for the first pans in the open air and start from a few tens of dollar.

adjustable kids study table
adjustable kids study table
yellow Children's Table
yellow Children’s Table

Going up price and quality in the material comes to perfect solutions for the bedroom, studied in detail and with a design thought behind, which follows the baby over time.
Finally, there are the iconic pieces: children’s tables that besides the functionality are beautiful to see and remain over time.

Engaging Study Table Will Help People Learn Easily

Having an attractive place to learn and feel comfortable will make it easier for everyone while studying, even more so for children who are in school as well as youth and adults who are still in college. Selection of the right desks and attractive design will help concentrations learn to be more calm, encouragement and feels comfortable.

Multifunctional desks that can be calculated are other purposes if compliance has multifunctional design or model anyway. The unique design will also improve the atmosphere of the room more dynamic. This time we will discuss any models to children’s learning table that comes out is unique and it is comfortable to use learning.

The following table model inspiring learning for children unique and comfortable:


simple design for learning
new product for kids
beatiful study table
unique study desk for children
purple minimalist
white and pink with hutch
white elegance
blue white orange
minimalist child desk
pink study desk easily
Example picture study desks
Minimalist design of children’s learning table

Generally, a good learning table has a height which is fitted with a seating area and high-person occupying it. Before determining and shopping desks where desired, appropriate good you used to be. Because if the table was tall or short, will lead to reduced comfort as good as anything else the learning table model.

In addition, the core component of which is now owned by many desks are sufficient breadth table, lamp of learning, the shelves are not suitable function sorts and sizes, and also chairs that are usually separated from the package or tabletop model of learning.

There are many variations and designs that you desire to learn a comfortable table. Many of the color choices offered, ranging from the type of neutral colors like white or bright warrants.

Neutral colors can stimulate the urge to learn if the match with the bright colors that captivate. Now the desks are not only brown wood, but has many variants.

The size selection could be harmonized with the purpose of its study. If the child is creative and fun with crafts, then the table that is wide enough to be considered. Note also the design of the model is to match the decor in the house, because the model of this study desk helped countless beauty decor was residence of the match.

Well Similarly inspiration around the study table 2017 / 2018 models may be useful for all of us.

NFS Beautiful Modern School Desk with Many Forms

The “Organic by NSF” table top consists of a very durable 12 mm compact laminate with black core. This very durable material has a high density and is thus extremely resistant to impacts, scratches and fire.

The table top does not require any special care and can be cleaned very easily. Since the surface of the plate has no “pores”, bacterial growth is avoided. In addition, the smooth table surface provides a pleasant writing surface.

The table tops are available in pear and white gray.

The “Organic by NSF” table stands consist of a stackable high-strength steel, which guarantees a long lifetime and high flexibility.

All table models are equipped with robust rollers, which simplify the adjustment or sliding away of the tables.

Adjustment at classroom
Conference study
Able for indoor and outdoor