Soges Black Laptop Table Height-adjustable

Soges Computer Desk Black Laptop Table Height-adjustable Standing-Sitting Desk 81 cm ZHLB-2.

About Soges

Soges is devoted to offer the product of high quality and the best service to every customer. Over the last 10 years, they have focused on the development of furniture with steel and wood and the expansion of product types. They have 50 conveyor belts in stock and have their own design. Soges manufacture traditional and modern furniture. And product exported to Europe, North America, Central America, Japan and China.

Soges material The table top made of wood fiber
Soges material The table top made of wood fiber
High-performance metal frame
High-performance metal frame
only 8 locking postion available for your need
only 8 locking postion available for your need
There are two buttons to adjust the table surface for the height
There are two buttons to adjust the table surface for the height
Modern and concise design
Modern and concise design
personalize your home with this functional stand up laptop table
personalize your home with this functional stand up laptop table
healty sit and stand up working way
healty sit and stand up working way
standard and widened type bear the weight of 24 inch mac and 4 devices easily
standard and widened type bear the weight of 24 inch mac and 4 devices easily

Upper work area: 81cm L * 52cm W, offer more space for your daily work. Keyboard extension Dimensions: 60cm L * 26cm W, provide enough space for a full size keyboard.

Height adjustment range: Table height can be set from 17cm to 41cm. Ergonomic height range allows you to choose the cozy height.

Easy to use: There are two buttons on the table surface; Press the buttons at the same time to change the desired height. It goes up and down from seconds with ease.

Healthy operation: Ergonomic, comfortable design to improve the blood flow when standing to work, to relieve throat or back pain, to shape your body better, etc.

Weight: 15kg, max. Load: 20 kg. Supplied assembled, can be folded up and collapsed in seconds, perfect for storage and daily use.

Review by customer: Paulo

I followed the advice of my physiotherapist and decided to get a standing desk adapter for my work table. After much research, including the famous (and very expensive) Variodesk and Ergotron brands, I found this product. Although I could not really find any reviews about it, I would like to take the plunge, knowing that if I went wrong, I could return it hassle-free to Amazon. I have it ready for work.

Pros, cons and overall review can be found below.


– Generous, large working surface. I have a 21 “LCD monitor on it and still have plenty of space for paperwork and a large picture frame.

– Large surface for keyboard and mouse. I can even fit a large mousepad (admittedly, part of it goes under the keyboard, but this causes no trouble since it is so slim). Several alternative products have a very small surface for the keyboard and mouse, so watch out for this! – Stable and sturdy. – Beautiful, efficient working mechanism. Very easy to lift and put down, and it only takes a few seconds. – Adjustable rubber feet. I just noticed this. The standing desk used to move a bit when I put it on, and after, but after. Please check the picture for a good look at the adjustable feet.

– Very attentive customer service, they contacted me. I would contact you at anytime if anything was not, so they could fix it. Impressive!


– Height adjustment, although one of the highest on the market, can not be enough for taller people, especially if the work table is not very high. I am 1.73m tall, and this works perfectly. Taller people would have a harder time to achieve the proper ergonomics.

– No mounting holes (VESA or similar) for a monitor stand. At first, I was using an old monitor, but it did not work so well: every time I put the standing desk up, the monitor was a bit too low for proper ergonomics. Now, I ‘m looking for another monitor with proper height adjustment, and it works beautifully – but I do not need to adjust the monitor.


– High quality materials, I was very impressed and my work colleagues were too. – Good looks: chic black. – Comes fully assembled, just put it on your table and you’re ready to go! HINTS:

– Make sure your posture is ergonomic. Basically, your elbows should be about 90 degrees when standing up and sitting down, whenever you’re typing. So, the monitor must be at eye level.

– This is a very good product. Remember that you need something. So remember that it is good to stand up and sit down, stand up and sit down. Only standing up or just sitting down is also detrimental to your health! I have a hard time, a lot of work, a lot of work, a lot of work and a lot of fun. This is the last time I’ve been in the world, and I’ve been looking at it for a long time.

– Make sure you use comfortable shoes. – Make sure you do some stretching whenever you can: there are great ideas on the internet about good stretching for a standing desk.

Portable Laptop Table Fit in Your Bed Room

These portable laptop table are fit in your bed room or living rong, because the size and mobility are great!

Zs shape portable laptop desk
Zs shape portable laptop desk
Using portable small laptop desk
Using portable small laptop desk
Foldable small laptop table with drawer
Foldable small laptop table with drawer
Laptop desk furniture
Laptop desk furniture
Cute table for tablet
Cute table for tablet
Wooden folding laptop table
Wooden folding laptop table
Adjustable height laptop desk
Adjustable height laptop desk
Corner laptop desk semi rounded
Corner laptop desk semi rounded
Wood great small table foldable
Wood great small table foldable
Diy creative wood laptop desk
Diy creative wood laptop desk
High quality wood for laptop desk
High quality wood for laptop desk
ylaptop desk and cafe
ylaptop desk and cafe
Walnut laptop desk diy
Walnut laptop desk diy

Question and answers:

I’d like to be able to stream my gaming video from a Windows laptop to an Android phone. I would keep laptop in backpack or table, just to use my phone as a screen, and the controller can sync to the laptop fine.

Basically like nvidia shield..

But my laptop is an AMD apu, I don’t think the shield would do this ideally. I’d like to do this offline.. I can carry a mobile Hotspot just for a WiFi bridge. But mobile Internet is pricey. I’d rather it not need to login online. I know of cloud windows steaming services, most don’t work offline. Am I missing one?

Alternatively, I could consider using a cheap tablet sized screen that can use HDMI input. That would be the most simple version.. I have not priced out those screens. I would love one that can hold a controller almost like a ‘good’ wiimote.


  1. My issue would be when you shut the laptop to put it in your bag you’ll put it into sleep mode? Lol
  2. TeamViewer with USB tethering.. (Watch out for laag)
  3. Check out LiquidSky, it’s cloud gaming (you game from a VM with dedicated graphics hardware) and they have an Android app too.
  4. Check out the app Moonlight, that should be what you are looking for on Android

Overall, whatever your laptop type and size, thats portable laptop table is good choices to bring in your bed room, garden, hall, cafe, or living room.

Cool Design Phoenix 806203WEE Milano Workstation

Phoenix 806203WEE Milano Workstation in white Oak Sawau in cool design

The lower shelf (the compartment with the side of the door) itself is 13.5 cm deep. When the door is closed, the maximum depth is 17.5cm. In truth, one can at the top or below only a laptop or ipad desk, if one the subjects also want to close. So not really a computer cabinet.

cabinet and laptop table

1 flap and 1 door with push open

Door can be flexibly installed

Flap can be used as a desk

laptop tablet is okay

Cool and modern design laptop desk cabinet

The dimensions are as follows:

Depth 18cm
Height from the floor to the shelf: 30cm
The depth of the shelf is 10 cm

the workstation is delivered with mounting material for wall mounting. For safety, it is better to fix the cabinet to the wall.
Also, the cabinet has a cable entry from the upper compartment to the lower compartment and from the lower compartment to the outside via the back panel.

HAVIT Multifunctional 360 Degree Adjustable Laptop Table

HAVIT Multifunctional 360° ultra high-quality material: The table lever is made of stainless steel, with the E1 environmental thumb plate, unbreakable plastic processing, and the ABS technology material, makes the laptop desk KSR-01 durable and not damaged.

Laptop deck or mouse deck can be rotated by 360°. Important after assembly: Fill the cavities of the black container and the column (both can be closed with a rubber stopper) for best stability.

In the package (from Pearl!) Were called: Notebook table – 3 parts; Fastening material; Operating instructions => BUT: If you see the photo below, you will find something more * smile *.

adjustable and foldable design gives you the most relaxing angle and height when you type or watch video

The composition was nevertheless feasible, even if the instruction manual here and there stimulated to think (see the unspecified different screw heads or the red rubber pad). An allegedly additional tool (long Kreuzschlitzschreubdrreher) was NOT extra necessary since it was lying thereby. So a mixture of good and bad!

Professional high-tech The stand arm can carry up to 8 kg weight, especially suitable for laptops

Composed the table works really well if the “Balasttank” on the reels really (filled with quartz sand – about 5kg and still remaining place or with diving leach granules). Because this balast is really needed by the long lever arm, otherwise the car kicks over (I put a 17 “and a 12” -zoller plus the hand-hand put together too quickly too much weight).

The sliding on the rubberized rollers is a real pleasure on a floor of a floor and a short pile industrial carpet.

Also, the tiles are taken carelessly (see photos). The height change is also effortless, but it is always true to keep the tabletop with the notebook. Without this measure, the arm would descend to the lowest point. All other motions – also the inclination of the notebook table – happen very easily. But this is where a deficiency nowhere

Explained: The unstretched mouse tray is practically no longer reachable in this case (see photo), as long as you do not have the idea, in the accompanying instructions, of removing this tray 12 cm laterally. But this mouse pad is already a big deal: for mice, which respond to a manual shifting (which is probably the most common mice), this is much too small (15.5 cm x 17 cm). Although the mouse tray can be moved to either side or to the front, can be moved to the side, one can not lift around a continuous uplift and resume. Ergo: If you can handle a dormant mouse, you can use the mouse pad very well. Otherwise only the notebook installed in the notebook. For mobile mice, it quickly becomes very scarce.

Comfortable 3D movement The tailor-made universal rollers allow the movement of the laptop table. The surface of the wheels is made of soft rubber that can prevent your floor from scratching.

The ringing can only be limited if the total lever arm is very short OR if the notebook allows a handheld, which means that the oscillations in the 10-finger system are largely omitted.
But because everything else is going really well and the maneuverability in all directions is just great, it is a scarce five-star part for me.

Let’s see if I get the photos uploaded.

compostion desk assembly

A handling tip: Both the metal column and the foot tank can be filled. The foot tank should ideally be filled with quartz sand BEFORE mounting. Justification: The filling hole is very small. A bundled paper bag can serve as a funnel. The tank must be shaken several times to fill it completely. When installed, some sand will almost slip between the tank and the metal column. Since sand acts like abrasive paper, it scratches the paint there minimally. Furthermore, the shaking of the assembled table is much more difficult to handle from the handling point of view.

good package

In my case with a 2.3 kg 17-inch notebook, it was sufficient to fill only three-thirds of the tank. The column remained empty. Even with a wide outrigger, this weight was sufficient against any threat of tilting.

Premium Sit-Stand Rolling Laptop Workplace Multifunction


This innovative standing console promotes better posture, reduces back and neck pain and increases productivity. The true color of this item is natural (wood) as the main picture!

Ergoneer Stylish Design Height Adjustable Mobile Laptop Desk Shopping Cart walnut

Premium Sit-Stand Rolling Laptop Workplace

Over the Bed Luxury Multifunctional Table Stand unique comfortable raising and lowering lift handle

Leisure Life Walnut laptop table


Table height from 75cm to 105cm can be adjusted by simple handgrips to lift or press to any desired position. Pneumatic lifting system applied.


Thanks to a superior stable, stable steel column and an industrial aluminum base. This table weighs only 12.7 kg, but is able to carry the weight of 40 kg on the top.


Plastic insert provides cable management and safely holds tablets, cell phones or pads. Curved neckline and round side design add extra touchiness.


This laptop cart includes locking rollers so you can roll to your desired stains and snap, so the desk still remains.

“We are very convinced by the hydraulics, it can easily be adjusted with the right hand to the desired height, if you want to work not only sitting on the computer, we find very ideal, the upper plate with the rounded corners, here is the thrust Users do not have bruises, even the front oval recess shows a successful design. From these designers, I would like to have a model for use across the bedspread … (for long-term-sick). The use in the bedroom goes with this model, But only if one hangs the legs out of the bed.” – Theresa & man

Lapdesk 360 laptop height adjustable stand

Lapdesk 360 is a great laptop height adjustable stand, Up-to-date design.  Its not only takes care of your health by preventing neck pain and tension.

laptop height adjustable stand

This laptop height adjustable stand large integrated and quiet cooling fan cools the hardware ideally and prevents damage caused by overheating. It is very well suited for the long operation of your laptop!


I use my laptop for everyday office applications, surfing and shopping, Meanwhile, more often than my stand PC. I would not recommend this to anyone. I have been using the touchpad for a long time,

The delivery went via a prime accustomed quickly within a day.
First, the package was delivered in an Amazon carton. In it the package is packed with a protective film. Below is the actual carton. My carton looked very abused. Everywhere wrinkles and now it was already broken. It looked as if I had received a return. As a gift, I can not recommend it.

Scope of delivery:

  • Laptop table
  • Instruction
  • Mouse pad for screwing
  • Screws



The table has been delivered assembled and ready for use. You only need to attach the mouse pad (if necessary) with the screws.
The main material is ABS (A very hard plastic, I know only for 3D printers) and aluminum coated for the optics. On the one hand, the linkage is not as stable and if you use it, it is inferior.

The entire linkage is encased in this way.

portable adjustable desk for laptop

The fan in the bottom of the table looks like an XXL-PC fan. Laptop table Instruction Mouse to screw on Screws Processing: The table has been delivered assembled and ready for use. You only need to attach the mouse pad (if necessary) with the screws.

The main material is ABS (A very hard plastic, I know only for 3D printers) and aluminum-coated for the optics. On the one hand, the linkage is not as stable and if you use it, it is inferior. The entire linkage is encased in this way.

movable computer stand


The table measures 60×26 cm (plate) and is thus significantly larger than I had expected.
With the side buttons you can adjust one of the three axes. I needed something until I got the system out. Often I had not always hit the same height on both sides during the first attempt.  Setting is easy without great resistance.

The fan is plugged into the laptop via USB.

notebook desk adjustable

If you have a new Macbook you have to pay attention to have a USB-B type adapter.
The fan immediately begins to run when plugged in and is whisper quiet. I was really positively surprised. If you look or listen to music, TV etc., it is not perceptible and even my touch tone is louder.

However, it also sucks a lot of dust, so you should clean it regularly.

The table itself is as already described from plastic (ABS) and I have clearly noticed. My laptop (see pictures) is about 2.2 kg heavy and the whole construction has wiggled and / or suspended with every moving or fixed key pressure. With “aggresive” tapping on the keyboard you have to reduce the height, because everything otherwise unbearably rocking. For a tablet no problem but as soon as the laptop / notebook etc. over 2 kg goes it wobbly.

standing laptop desk

The mousepad is big enough, but must be dismantled if the design folds.

Generally, the table is very handy. Especially on the couch I can finally use a mouse. The optics and processing are solid.

stand up laptop stand

However, it is already a relatively large construction and depending on the couch it can also be too large, therefore measure before! The price is already proud and sure is not a must-have but a useful gadget, if you want to work on the laptop just like on a stand PC.

laptop furniture stand

Above all, it can be made within 5 seconds completely transport ready and everywhere with me has convinced me.

desktop stand for laptop

If you have the money and for this decisive it will not be regrettable.

Height-adjustable desk simple black

If you looking for a stable desk top, in a practical size, this height-adjustable desk simple black is very great workmanship, due to the black color, no light dazzles me. The table width of 80 cm still provides enough space for office material or paper. The assembly was also very easy.

Support a healthy lifestyle. The height-adjustable desk quickly transforms your existing workplace into a lectern, allowing you to achieve long-lasting health benefits.

The 81 cm surface creates a spacious desk. In addition, you gain extra space under this desk.

Spring buttons and telescopic legs create an adjustable height desk that raises and lowers to 6 different levels in increments of 2.5cm. Rubber feet protect the existing surface from damage.

Desk area 81cm long x 59.7cm deep. The height can be adjusted from 29.2cm to 41.3cm.
The monitor shelf positions the monitor at the correct height.

Folding Coffee Table Suite Wood Laptop Desk

When you go picnic, then you can call this folding picnic table.
When you stay at home and enjoying time, then you can call this folding coffee table, and..
When you work or just check email on laptop, then you can call this folding laptop desk.

Here we go, this is Need Desk, 80x60cm Coffee table, Work table, or picnic table protable.

Height 80 cm x width 60 cm x depth 74 cm, weight 8 kg
Foldable for quick easy handling without assembly required
High-quality ABS material leg upholstery, non-slip, robust and durable
Ideal for school / home desk, laptop desk, couch table, kitchen table

Black and Gold

Teak Oak Color

White Color

NEED Benefits of

10 years of professional manufacturing experience
NEED is a home furniture and office furniture since 2005. We are several production plants in the PRC. We are not trading or marketing companies without factories that has to focus on quality weak control.
Premium quality guaranteed
We supply for several high-profile brands in North America, Europe and Australia. You can be the quality of our products, in line with the top brands and the only difference is expect LOGO.
ISO9001 certified, PRC Famous Brand
NEED quality management system is ISO9001 certified and we are one of the few factories it achieved in the early days. Our brand is recognized as “PR China Famous Brand” in the domestic market.
Industry leader in e-commerce
NEED is also a leading brand in e-commerce in the PRC. We send thousands of package every day throughout the PRC. With our professional experience in manufacturing and e-commerce, we will provide the highest standard of products and services to you.
For best use
: Please read the guide before installation, it will only take about 10 minutes to complete alone. Easy to clean: you can wipe it with a towel and all products are foldable, easy to store. With our professional experience in manufacturing and e-commerce, we will provide the highest standard of products and services to you. For best use : Please read the guide before installation, it will only take about 10 minutes to complete alone. Easy to clean: you can wipe it with a towel and all products are foldable, easy to store. With our professional experience in manufacturing and e-commerce, we will provide the highest standard of products and services to you. For best use : Please read the guide before installation, it will only take about 10 minutes to complete alone. Easy to clean: you can wipe it with a towel and all products are foldable, easy to store.

  • Need Furniture Company

HOMFA Espresso Office Computer Desk

Kissta is always customer-oriented and is committed with all its strength to offer the articles in high quality with good price and performance ratio. We have excellent customer service and do everything we can to solve your problems. If the product does not meet your expectations, please contact us first and let us know exactly where the product is defective (quality, appearance, damage, etc.)

Homfa working table is composed of powder coated iron pipe and wood chipboard. It is environmentally friendly, safe, waterproof, scratch-resistant, stable, colorfast and durable.

The desk is of high quality and has an integrated design and thus connects computer desk. It is space-saving and has versatile functions :: as desk, computer table, office table, dining table, party table, etc.

Easy to assemble and easy to maintain: very positive is the small parts such as screws, etc. sorted in labeled bags and also the large parts are labeled.

This and with the enclosed instructions, the assembly went quite simply and the desk was within about 45 – 60 min. The surface is easy to clean.

80 KG Load capacity: with the ergonomic design, you can place your computers, books, etc. on it and install the computer on the table.
Modern design, color in espresso, fits every house style. Great for studying, living room, children’s room, study or office.

Technical specifications:

Material: powder-coated iron pipe and chipboard
Measurements: 120 * 60 * 74cm
Thickness: 15mm
Iron pipe dimensions: 4 * 4 * 0.1cm (T * B * H)
Payload: 80KG
Color: Espresso


1x table and mounting accessories (screws)

Robas Lund MDF Laptop Table Combination

The desk can be moved flexibly in its position. The metal rod in chrome offers the axis here. Comes with a combination of desk and shelf.

Product description
The Mattis desk combination is a great solution for anyone looking for a desk with the special whistle. The shelf has two compartments in which your folders can be stored. Connected to a metal rod in chromed design, the desk is flexibly adjustable in the angle. Below the table is a storage for small things that should be within easy reach. The modern style, in solid workmanship offers you the possibility of storage in study, living room, dining room, children’s room and youth room.

Set includes:
Desk combination with shelf

Packaging: The parts are safely packaged. There is little but enough styrofoam. The corners were reinforced with cardboard.

Construction: The parts are marked, the screws and dowels are welded in different ways and marked. If you follow the instructions, you have little problems. Only with the final assembly one can use well 4 hands. All holes are pre-drilled.

Deficiencies: On the desk surface was a red spot. But this could be removed with the eraser. Otherwise, there were only minimal defects in the paint, but one hardly sees.

In the case of major defects, the entire article does not have to be returned, but only the correspondingly marked part. I did not have the luck, but I find positive.